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Columnists - February 3, 2024

Why the fuss, noise around personal branding?


By  Preciousgift Ajudie-

Why does personal branding  matter? What is personal branding? Who is personal branding for? You would agree with me that there are lots of coaches, real estate investment , advisers, preachers, or marriage, counsellors available for us to listen to and possibly engage.

Each of them with a unique perspective,
manner of approach, life experiences,
offering, message, and strategy.

However, the reason you would engage one coach over the other is simply because of the personal brand of your most preferred.

You would rather go for the person whose perspective aligns with yours, whose manner of approach you prefer or whose doctrine appeals to you the most.

In 2024 and beyond, what would separate the boys from men and the girls from women would be the investment and intentionality in their personal brands.

According to a study by LinkedIn, 70% of
professionals say that they have landed a
job by building their personal brand,
another research says 75% of candidates
consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job.

Every content pushed out on online platforms, every visual element used, the
tone of your content, and your
consistency can build trust and unlock
opportunities for you.

Take this to the Bank!

What exactly is personal branding? How
can I build my personal brand?
The term “personal branding” was coined and popularized by Tom Peters, a
Management Consultant, and Author, in an article titled “The Brand Called You,
” published in 1997.

In this article, Peters argued that
individuals should think of themselves as
brands and apply the principles of
branding to their personal and
professional lives.

Tom Peters emphasized the need for
individuals to take control of their careers and professional image, much like companies do with their products.

He encouraged people to differentiate
themselves, showcase their unique
qualities, and actively manage how they
are perceived in the professional world.

This could be through social media posts,
blogs, video content, or at physical

The goal is to make your skills and
knowledge known, create impact, position yourself for visibility,and make a profit.

Yes. Personal Branding can increase your
earning capacity.

In summary, your personal brand is how
you consistently present yourself to the
world, how others perceive you, and the
unique value you bring.

Creating your personal brand is like
putting together a puzzle.

First, take sometime to think about yourself and what you care about. What is something you love about the work you do? What skills do you offer? What are you known for? How do you view your industry?

What are the compliments you often get
from others? What do you know in your
heart you could improve in your niche?

Understand your values, what you love,
and your goals. Figure out what makes
you special and different from everyone

Once you know these things, you can
begin the process of building your
authentic personal brand.

Who is personal branding for?
Personal branding is for executives,
entrepreneurs, and seeking to enhance
their visibility,credibility, and career

Artists, writers, musicians, and other creative professionals can build a
personal brand to showcase their unique
talents and attract opportunities.

Job seekers, to standout in the competitive job market, business owners and startup founders who want to leverage personal branding to establish trust, attract customers, and build a loyal audience, freelancers who want to market their services, attract clients, and build a strong professional network, students and recent graduates seeking to enhance their chances of securing internships,jobs, or educational opportunities.

Experts, consultants, and industry
leaders can also use personal branding to
position themselves as thought leaders,
sharing insights and influencing
their respective fields. Those who aspire
to become influencers, politicians or
public figures can build a personal brand
to cultivate a dedicated following and collaborate with brands.

Individuals working in the non-profit
sector can use personal branding to raise
awareness for their causes, attract
supporters, and build partnerships.

Personal branding is for individuals who
recognize the importance of right
positioning, networking,and actively
managing their online and offline

Do you want to control how you are perceived and create opportunities for

Then be more intentional with your
personal brand in 2024!

Ajudie- ogunsanya,  is a
Personal Branding Specialist and helps
professionals, changemakers, and retirees amplify and build powerful personal brands around their unique expertise for increased impact, influence, and profit. And can  be reached via  email, thepreciousgiftajudie@gmail.com

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