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Crime & Metro - December 31, 2022

Security guidelines for churches for 31st December watch night service 


By CSP Haruna Mohammed,  Officer in Charge of Alternative Dispute Resolution/Anti-Piracy Unit, Nigerian Police Force.

The unpredictable security situation in the sub-region calls for caution during public gatherings and festive celebrations.

Beloved, all the arm robbers and thieves will be available for *”cross over operations”.*

In line with the above, we must take precaution and be ware of the following security tips so that we can have a smooth transition. We are expected to show enhanced visibility at church premises particularly activities in open spaces.

1. There should be security personnel to provide security for all the cars that will be parked if it be in and around church.

2. There should be car parking attendants or someone to direct how the car should be packed to help avoid congested.

3. There should be enough lights at the car park to help in addition security.

4. Designate gates for vehicles to enter and exit the church compound.

5. All members should report anything unusual to the security personnel.

6. Make sure your car windows and doors are properly check and locked before leaving.


1. Provide appropriate notices to guide movements.

2. Pedestrians should be directed through well identified entry and exit gates.

3. All entry and exit gate must be open for free flow of people.

4. All members must subject themselves to checks.

5. All Big bags and luggages should be allocated to a place for safekeeping.

6. Members should carry only items they will need at the church.

7. All members should cooperate with the ushers on their movement in and out of the church premises.

8. The youth are to sit at the back and at vantage points to checked and monitored , especially strangers.

9. All members should report any unusual thing to the nearest usher or security personnel.

10. Liaise with local law enforcement agencies for protection.


1. Those who are uneasy.

2. Those excessively sweating.

3. Those carrying ‘heavy’ back pack.

4. Strangers who come to church ‘extremely’ late.

5. Those who will not actively participate in any of the activities that go on in the church.

6. Those who will remain seated wherever they are and be watching around them to monitor the people close to them.

7. Any abnormal behaviour.

8. Move round and observed for the unusual.

9. Report any unusual object to the police.

10. Take note of people or group that moves from church to church only to dance and then leave.


1. Make sure there is someone left at home or make sure the house is secured if everyone will have to leave for Church services.

2. Don’t carry too much cash on you or expensive jewelry, appear simple. It’s a service to cross over not a fashion or wealth exhibition.

3. Don’t pack your car anywhere and anyhow just because you want to go and rush into the church to “cross over”. And don’t leave laptops and other valuables in the cars.

4. Take notice of the people who will be sitting at your back, left, right and front. If you are not comfortable please change your location.

6. Don’t leave your phones or bags on the pews and then run to go and dance in front of the church. You may think that angels came to pick them but hey, the Angels will be too busy tonight and may not have time to protect your bags and phones.

7. Please make sure your children are in safe hands, or a caretakers as you leave to church or with you at Church.

8. Please don’t walk at places that the lightening is very poor. Such places are dangerous especially where there are no street lights and people don’t move around.

9. Make sure you walk in groups especially where your house is far or isolated area.

10. When driving home, make sure that no strange car is following! Make sure you watch through the rear-view mirror to see if no one is approaching you from behind before you get down to open your gate.

11. Make sure your doors and gates are locked before you go and sleep.

*It’s a happy hour but the enemy is still at work.*

God bless you and we continue to have good relations and exchanges in the new year.


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