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Gov. Umo Eno’s commitment to ARISE agenda transforming A’ Ibom- Media Aide



Chidi Okoh, Uyo

Special Assistant to the Governor on New Media Revd Richard Peters has asserted that Governor Umo Eno’s commitment to the realization of the ARISE Agenda blueprint is already transforming the state.

Revd Peters who is also a renowned clergyman made the remarks during”The Congress” program on premium 89.9fm Abak aired on Wednesday morning in Uyo Akwa Ibom state.

According to him, ” Pastor Umo Eno has remained steadfast in honoring his campaign pledges adding that Governor Umo Eno’s dedication to fulfilling promises sets him apart.

Highlighting the Governor’s unwavering dedication, he cited the ongoing Housing Scheme for the poorest members of society as evidence of the Governor’s nonpartisan approach to Governance.

“This initiative underscores the Governor’s genuine appreciation for the mandate bestowed upon him by the people.

Contrary to initial skepticism, Governor Umo Eno’s actions have proven skeptics wrong, as he consistently delivers on his promises. His commitment to the welfare of the people of Akwa Ibom is evident, as he focuses on addressing the needs of the vulnerable” he intoned.

According to Rev. Richard, “Apart from the Housing Scheme, Governor Umo Eno has implemented various initiatives aimed at improving the lives of Akwa Ibomites. These include financial assistance for the Elderly, Educational Support for Students, and the Bulk Purchase Bill aimed at mitigating the impact of rising commodity prices caused by the removal of fuel subsidies.

“The bulk purchase bill, a testament to Governor Umo Eno’s proactive leadership, aims to alleviate the economic burden on families deepened by the removal of fuel subsidies. Through this initiative, the Governor demonstrates his commitment to uplifting the most vulnerable Akwa Ibomites.

He further highlighted, ” Governor Umo Eno’s vigilance in monitoring the implementation process underscores his determination to ensure transparency and accountability. His stern warning against the exploitation of the scheme by the people in charge reflects his resolve to protect the interests of the people of Akwa Ibom and foster the equitable distribution of resources.

He encouraged the people of Akwa Ibom to continue backing Pastor Umo Eno’s administration, assuring them that more progress lies ahead.

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