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Business - January 19, 2023

NCC  provide grant of 15m, for telecommunications industry research


Stanley Ihedigbo

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) , has provided  grant of 15m, for telecommunications industry research and seek proposals  from tertiary institutions in the country that are practical, locally realizable and have clear potential of developing the sector .

According to statement made available to The Mirror  from the agency, the pursuant to this objective the commission invites proposals from academics in tertiary institutions to submit research proposal in any of the research topics they provided.

They also stated  it is envisaged that the initiative will help build capacity in the tertiary institutions and promote Nigeria’s contribution to the pool of technologies in use in the communications industry.

They topics are,  development of sensors for smart city applications such as traffic management systems, smart parking, smart grid, smart homes, smart institutions and smart network management. Use of Telecommunication networks in Identity Management and Location Tracking via National Identity Numbering (NIN) and Artificial Intelligence. And design and implementation of efficient solar mobile phone charger.

“Also research leading to commercial production of high capacity battery for telecommunications equipment. Design and implementation of an Artificial Intelligence based predictive maintenance solutions for telecommunications infrastructure. Development of Cybersecurity solutions to curb cyber-attacks and as well as development of smart intrusion detection and alarm systems to curb theft vandalization of telecommunications infrastructure.

Their requirements of interested researchers are  to submit their proposals which must include, teaching academics in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions; and have a one-page executive summary of the research proposal to include understanding of the relevance of the research topics to the telecommunications industry, deliverables, novelty of concept, methodology, team experience, project timeline and detailed cost schedule.

“Proof of concept (Feasibility) practicality (solution’s ability to solve a problem short, medium or long term), tangible output such as a prototype/software or working model which can be commercialised.

The criteria for the evaluation of the research submissions include,  the proposal must fall within the specified areas of research topics, adherence of proposal to stated requirements and novelty of research proposal (comprehensive literature review to bring out clearly the novelty of the research).

“Clear statement and explanation of the problem. Proposed solution to the problem. Proposed approach and methodology. Each project including prototype development must be concluded within 2 years. Terms of Reference (TOR’s) should be developed clearly stating that the research topics must lead to production of commercially viable prototype and capable of contributing to the development of the telecommunications industry


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