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Women group leader urges Christian men to satisfy wives sexual

....Men's fellowship must avoid false teaching -Methodist Bishop .....Fathers should hold steadfast to faith- Coordinator ......Men to pursue righteousness, engage in spiritual activities - Fellowship President

Evang. Chichi
Iheoma Ihedigbo 

President and Founder, Excellent Women Christian Fellowship Worldwide (EWCFW), Evang. Chichi Okungbowa, has advised Christian men to always satisfy their spouses because it helps to make marriage sweet.

Speaking at the 12th Diocesan Men’s Fellowship Conference of Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Lagos North, in Christ Church Circuit, Oshodi, tagged: ‘Upholding the faith of our father’, Evang. Okungbowa said sex satisfaction in marriage adds a lot of spice to their lives.

She further said: “Build a green bed in your marriage to keep it sweet. Don’t build a yellow or red bed. Yellow bed means struggle in your bedroom where your spouse has to beg you for sex or even bribe you for it. The red bed is when there is no sex in the marriage. This is very dangerous. Both yellow and red beds can destroy your marriage. In my case, our marriage bed is evergreen. Oftentimes I make the first move to switch things up. This is one change that added a lot of spice to our bedroom life. Please build a green bed. Satisfy your spouse! Element Commandment -thou shall not slack! Slackers are losers!”

The woman of God stressed that Christian men should always say they love their wives because it goes a long way in the marriage.

“Learn to say “I love you “, these three words are so critical to marriage. We take it for granted sometimes, but we have never known anyone who got tired of hearing “I love you “. These little words are like vitamins to a marriage, without a constant dose of verbal expression, without saying those words, the heart of a spouse withers. Learn to say it to each other daily to keep the marriage sweet. Don’t be ashamed of saying it. Make it a habit; say it to each other before leaving the house in the morning, and say it before dozing off in bed. Say it during and after sex. Say it at the end of each call. Send it through text message,” she said.

In his goodwill message, the Bishop of Lagos North Diocese, The Rt. Rev. Job Gboyega Ohu, admonished the men who are followers of Jesus Christ to be aware of the existence of false teachers in their midst.

He added: “The men must be vigilant. Being a Christian virtue, vigilance is the process of paying close and continuous attention to what we do, what we hear, how we process it, and what goes on around us. Let us be sincere in all that we do in every area we find ourselves. Let us create a family altar whereby we can teach, correct, and revive our relationship with ourselves and God.

“The fellowship members must be open-minded and attentive to the voice of the Spirit of God. Like notable young and old women and men, such as Deborah and Moses, Hannah and Elizabeth, and Jabez and John Mark, we must continue to engage ourselves and the family in the spiritual disciples off prayers, reading scriptures, teaching, and soul-winning. In our conduct within the home and church, we must lay good examples for others to see and emulate. The ways we talk, conduct ourselves in public, and dress, speak volumes.

“According to Jude 3, is an appeal to us to nurture ourselves and our wards in a Christ–like manner, the same way the Reverend Samuel and Sis. Susannah Wesley did in the lives of their children. Notably, the Reverend John and Charles Wesley. Let each true follower of Christ Jesus learn to love discern and understand God’s leading through the power of the Holy Spirit. As true of followers of Jesus, reminds each Christian to first love God from the heart and also love fellow human beings as well and being good stewards of the resources at our disposal, “the Bishop admonished.

On his own, the Coordinator of the Diocesan Men Fellowship of Lagos North Diocese, Very Rev. Toyin Ogundeyi, said, “Today’s society coupled with the economic downturn is filled with false teachers and I want to encourage the fellowship members despite the situation, we may be going through we should hold steadfastly to the faith bequeathed to us by our fathers. Our fellowship is a vital organ of the church that has roles to play at home, in the local church, and in the larger community.

“According to the Book of Jude 1v 21-22, implores as spiritual heads of our different homes to make a difference in our words and deeds by holding to the truth that we know,” the man of God advised.

The host circuit Presbyter, Very Rev. Dr. Paul Egbo, commended the guest speakers, which include Rev. Stanley Ihedigbo, of Wesley University Ondo, the bishop who is the spiritual father of the day, the Diocesan outgoing lay President, Dame Olufumilayo Agbato, incoming lay President, Sir. Emmanuel Oladotun Somoye, all the circuit presbyters in the diocese, the patrons, and special guests for their presence and support.

While in his remarks, President, of Diocesan Men’s Fellowship of Lagos North Diocese of Methodist Church Nigeria, Evang. Bassey Anietie, said: “I believe that the Methodist Church Nigeria conference theme for this year is apt, didactic and challenging. This is because it fits squarely into the time we are in, amid failed leadership, deception, apostasy, the politicization of religion, ethnic division, and other issues bedeviling believers and the entire country, it is just incumbent on us to take God’s instruction that we contend for the faith on a very serious note.

“Brethren, the Gospel of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit has been handed over to us. It is the Gospel of salvation to all who would believe. It is good news for the poor. It brings healing to the sick. It comes with signs and wonders performed in the name of Jesus. It is potent enough to take over territories for Jesus. It is not s dead system of beliefs. It is the living faith,” he admonished.

The event was witnessed by the chairmen of the ceremony, High Chief Richard Ikpe, represented by the Steward of Christ Church Circuit, Evang. Nwachukwu Igbokwe, father of the day, Elder Sunday Orji, Mother of the day, Sis. Chike Umeh was represented by her husband, Evang. Kelechi Umeh, the baby of the day, Miss Amarachi Winner James, and the Diocesan Synod Secretary, Very Rev. David Daramola.

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