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Opinion - July 26, 2023

Ways to overcome  present fuel hike, parliative subsidy situation in Nigeria


By Comrade Kolawole Okedara

It is essential for our able President, Sen.  Ahmed Bola Tinubu, to be firm and resolute in decision making going forward.

Nigerian sincerely appreciate you for listening to our yearnings about the N8,000  parliative measure put in place initially, it is essential you fix things that will improve economic growth.

Your intention is humane but as a Nigerian living with the ordinary people in the country.  Pratically Nigerians need permanent solutions to problems inhibiting the growth, development and positive tranformation of our dear country.

Wages increase is a welcome development, all necessary qualitative physical arrangements should be put in place to make it stand the test of time.

Let’s bring in all the industries that has left Nigeria for other countries,  with stable power supply, good roads network, good tax policy, efficient management of raw materials, availability of small and medium scale entrepreneurs that will support these big industries, very good and robust supply chain management.

Also a total annihilation or no existence of corruption and nepotism in the scheme of things, price control and most importantly bring in those that believes in the progressives system of government on board.

Our opinion, market forces will continue to bring about more increase in the pump price of oil. There’s no signs that the exchange rate will improve in favour of the Naira. What will enhance the value of Naira against foreign currency is a concerted and coordinated efforts at resuscitating local industries which will create direct and indirect employments, reduce importation of the goods we were producing in the past.

I hope the Government will embark on this as soon as the Ministers are appointed.

It’s difficult, if not impossible to convince the masses that things would be better soon without telling them how.

For now, you have been putting alot of policies that are positive and we want you to do more for the ordinary Nigeria as the whole effect boils down to the down trodden more, the hardships is much though due to the increase to PMS.

We are confused that things will be better with Nigerians as you are in power, as the president handling the affairs of our general life, please sir, come to our rescue and use your office to liberate Nigerians from the hands of the cabals doing everything to thwart and bring the country to it kneels.

The only way out of this excruciating situation is to refine our oil locally, while we understand that the government need to set up the enabling environment for business to thrive.

We can as well rescusitate refineries and manage it effeciently with the right set of people to manage, refining our oil from outside the country is a no no no.

The Federal Government should put on their thinking cap and stop annoying Nigerians with the kind of explanation given by the Managing Director of NNPL, if he can’t manage it further,  he can as well resign and allow another person do the work.

One expects that if there’s increase in the international oil market, the country will earn money and invest it in the oil industry. I seen banana pills in all this and its target is to incite the people against the federal government with far reaching consequences.

The subsidy mongers used everything within their means to ground these Refineries to a total halt.

Fixing them to start producing a pint of fuel cannot be achieved in less than one year minimum!

Nigerians should relax with our dear president, let’s give him time, things will eventually change through our collective collaboration and positive constructive critisism.

We have to go into production as a nation.

Perhaps a team of “make it work” mind juggernauts with autonomous power to contact OEM, order, pay and fly in spares and equipments needed need be constituted immediately!

If we are able to revive our refineries and build new one, soon Nigerians will be great again.

Our President need to step up the game higher, tougher and better this time!


Comrade Okedara
National Coordinator/DG Movement For Greater Nigeria (M4GN)

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