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The trials and triumph of Umo Eno



By Emmanuel Nicholas


Like a child growing up in a desert, enduring the daily struggle of searching for water, buffeted by the relentless wind, hungry and exhausted, yet unwavering in his determination to achieve his aspirations and become who he dreamt of being.

Was Pastor Umo Eno with his aspiration.

Just like the tempest that seizes the trees in the forest, contorting their branches nearly to the point of breaking, only to unexpectedly revert to their original position without collapsing to the ground and becoming lifeless, brittle wood.

Was the stamina of Umo Eno to succeed.

Although he felt lonely in his pursuit, but many people surrounded him. His vision was unclear, but his determination was strong.

Despite being abandoned by numerous accusers, he remained steadfast in his belief that victory would only come when he was resolute.

Therefore, he held on to faith in his destiny to become Akwa Ibom State Governor.

On his journey to success, he faced numerous setbacks, but his tears never caused him to abandon his vision. The dream he envisioned was heavenly and transcendent.

Just when it seemed all was lost, he emerged victorious like prey eluding its most dangerous predator, the lion, and thrived anew, defying those who expected his aspirations to meet a grim fate during the primaries.

Dismissed by doubters, who sought to sabotage his dreams with their negativity. Like an eagle, the more they pursued him with blasphemous accusations, the higher he soared, unbreakable in his resolve to anchor the steering of Akwa Ibom State.

Triumphs follow in his revered footsteps, success adorns his journey with gold, but those who opposed him throughout his aspirations only sought to bring him down, but failed in their many attempts and were restless as tiger.

In the primaries, they opposed him by attempting to disqualify him, claiming his certificates were forged documents. They pursued legal action like diligent church wardens attending to the altar and repeatedly to carry out his routine dogma.

They created various obstacles, yet he overcame them all like a resilient buffalo, leaping forward and not looking back, his energy was like that of an African bush elephant, pulling the mightiest trees making a path to walk on.

He overwhelmed all onlookers, not celebrating victory but instead remaining remorseful and contemplating how God had anointed his steps with the oil of victory.

Despite defeating them in the general election, yet they transformed themselves into legal warriors in the courts, turning various courtrooms into battlegrounds.

Amazingly, Pastor Umo Eno always had his hands raised as the victor by the referee of all the Courts.

Pastor Umo Eno successfully navigated every obstacle that stood in his way. It wasn’t Pastor Umo who crossed the numerous rivers that were meant to drown him; rather, it was God who guided his every step.

In the case of David, when God ordained him to be king, his brothers succumbed to his superiority, lion perished in his hands, Goliath fell by his sling, and King Saul met his end by his sword.

Absalom sought power and dishonored his father by sleeping with his father’s concubine to demonstrate his contempt for him.

As a result, Absalom brought three curses upon himself. And In Hebron, Absalom declared himself king and rode on a mule.

However, the mule’s head got caught in a tree, leaving Absalom hanging between heaven and earth. After David’s reign ended, Solomon became the King of Israel and Absalom ended in the grave.

The intense battle for the governorship of Akwa Ibom State in 2023 was fierce, with men prepared for the fight. Despite this, God orchestrated Governor Umo Eno’s enthronement according to His divine plan.

Although there was significant segregation leading to humiliation, God has the power to turn shame into glory, bring peace out of conflict, and even challenge conventional qualifications through outcomes.

Governor Umo Eno’s accomplishments in governance have surprised many who initially viewed him as an unqualified candidate. His conduct in office has brought tears of joy to those who once sought his downfall.

Reflecting on his leadership, many now acknowledge the missed opportunities if had they succeeded in thwarting his progress to hilltop mansion. Despite facing numerous challenges along his journey to success, Governor Umo Eno emerged victorious, defying expectations.

He has redefined political leadership in Nigeria, earning recognition as a unifier, a humble leader, and a champion of inclusive governance.

Even the poorest in Akwa Ibom State, who did not support him, now benefit from his compassion, finding themselves living in better homes and enjoying meals on their tables.

Those who criticized Governor Umo Eno’s predecessor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel, for endorsing him as his successor, now express admiration and respect for his remarkable leadership.

Governor Umo Eno’s exceptional leadership, his successful projects, ongoing initiatives, and the prevailing peace in Akwa Ibom State have transcended political divides. For the first time in history, politicians have set aside their affiliations to focus on the common good at developing Akwa Ibom State.

Do not assess a child’s future based on the lines or colours on their palms; instead, seek to understand their true nature by looking into their heart.

Though it is only God who truly comprehends the thoughts and essence of every heart and foresees what lies ahead, as He is the one who formed the child and understands their ultimate destiny.

Governor Umo Eno asserted that those whom you look down upon and mock are often the saviour.

The Israelites did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah, yet he saved the whole world from oppression of Satan.

Regardless of how sweet the music may be, avoid outshining yourself. Regardless of the level you believe you have reached, refrain from ridiculing others. No matter the position you envision for yourself, do not discredit others by labeling them as underdogs.

Today, Governor Umo Eno is in a place that many envisioned for themselves, The ultimate authority of the universe bestows thrones upon whomever He chooses.

And God guides the hearts of the masses, who are the electors, in accordance with His will.

When you feel the urge to speak ill of someone, keep in mind that tomorrow holds unforeseen possibilities.

A person who ascends to royalty might not be adorned in golden armour; they could have risen from slums with the poorest of conditions.

The one who deserves more credit when a child is born is not the man who impregnated the woman, but rather the woman who gives birth to the child.

Wait for the results before you rejoice in your triumph; victories in war are not achieved solely through strength, but rather through divine assistant and intricate strategies.

It’s not about who initiates the race, but rather about being the first to cross the finish line. Stay humble and let God elevate you, and avoid overrating yourself.

The adumbration of Pastor Umo Eno as a leader of high standards has led many to consider him superior to all the Governors in Nigeria at the moment.

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