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Opinion - January 25, 2023

Nigeria -A country in need of a Super -President 

Thomas Omoni

Nigeria is a country well blessed with human and material resources that the whole world is jealous of; and a one-time giant of Africa.

A country of about two hundred million people, a country that ought to be leading other African countries in all areas of human endeavor and sectors, including governance, a country that has very good weather all-round the year.

Nigeria is one of the OPEC members; exporting Crude Oil in millions which intended to better the live and livelihood of the citizenry.

Unfortunately, Nigeria has become a country in which her citizens are now running away due to hunger and starvation, insecurity, terrorism, kidnapping, cultism, Police shooting at innocent people at random and at will, unemployment and other social vices; most of these things were not heard in the country before.

Nigeria is now the poverty capital of the whole world with high inflation and daily falling value of her currency.

The country has borrowed so much that it will take years to repay the loans.

Political, social and ethnics divisions have also worsen the original intension of what made God to create the country called Nigeria.

National Elections is holding in February and March 2023 to elect the new President and others to superintend over the affairs of the country.

How can we get it right this time around, who is that super-President to deliver Nigeria from all these problems and take us to the PROMISED LAND?


From Ketu – Lagos State

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