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Worship - December 18, 2023

Excerpt From Today’s Sermon


Topic: Last Minutes Multiple Blessings

Bible Reading: Luke 5:1-7

Happy 3rd Sunday of the month of December to you. I congratulate you and myself for seeing 50 of the 52 weeks in the year. We shall see the remaining two weeks in Jesus name.

The year is gone but God is still in the business of giving multiple blessings to His people. It doesn’t matter for how long you have toiled from January till now, God can still visit you with His abundance.

In our text for today, Simon Peter had toiled over the night trying all his fishing experiences to catch fish but he got nothing.

With sorrowful heart he decided to wind up his activity for the day. He had thought that his family will eat food without meat or fish that day.

Just as someone may be deciding to close for the year now after putting so much efforts that yielded little or nothing, Simon decided to close for the day but Jesus appeared in that hopeless situation. I declare and decree that Jesus will appear in your situation at this last days of the year.

Simon was already washing his fishing nets when Jesus begged to use his ship. After surrendering his ship for use to Jesus, he caught a great multitude of fishes to the extent that his net began to break. Luk5:6.

You too can still experience multiple blessings in the remaining two weeks. Just surrender the ship of your life to Jesus. It can never be too late for Him. He is Jehovah Jireh and El Shaddai.

It is my prayer that the remaining two weeks of the year will bring to us abundant blessings in Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer Points 🙏

  1. Lord I thank You for sparing my life to see the end of this year.
  2. Heavenly Father I thank you for keeping me safe and healthy.
  3. Jehovah Jireh use the remaining two weeks to connect me with my divine helpers.
  4. El Shaddai give me all the arrears of blessings for this year now.
  5. Father God protect me and family into the New Year 2024 in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Pastor Tunde Ojudun, Way of Holiness Ministries (WHOM) Mercy Sanctuary. For counseling and prayer call or Whatsapp +2348053054556. Jesus Is Lord.

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