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Opinion - July 16, 2023

Addendum to a clarion call 


By Hon. Bar. Salako Adams


Truth be told.

Let’s honor and dove hats for what it’s worth for a true and righteous convener of all time, who orchestrated a movement from the cradle, solely for the actualisation, enthronement and fortification of our national democratic rule.

To ensure the baton did not skip nor drop from our great party to the point where Asiwaju get hold of the presidency with the determination and zeal of EMILOKAN spirit.

In getting this whole job done. Com. Okedara spent his valuable time, his hard earned money to travel the length and breath of our dear nation while consulting and meeting aggrieved party loyalist and across board into other party folds to win souls just like a Jehovah witness but this time as *Asiwaju witness* to delivered and let in on his promises of renewed hope for the entire nation…

The persona of *Com. Kolawole Okedara* is often rear to be found in our political midst as his sense of humbleness, accountability and stewardship is second to none…

He has achieved so much within so little a time during the campaign for the actualisation of our “father” Jagaban’s dream despite the huge conundrums the entire nation was bedeviled with from currency re-design to shortage of same and to high commission, charge on a thousand naira at a POS point which during this period brought about artificial high cost of living and sky rocket the nations inflation rate to an unbearable point thereby causing cost push inflation that was deliberately catapulted into the economy to either slim the chances of our principal weaking or wrecking his plan at delivering dividend of democracy to our door steps but alas, despite all of this catastrophic Armageddon looming and hovering the entire national space; some political generalissimo were able to put stronghold on their foot soldiers and maintain they are in-check whilst ensuring we get to the promised land without hiccups but with cups and golden vase and goblets to raise our joyful hands to a big toast whilst thanking the almighty for a save landing at the Aso Rock…

I think our voice needs to be heard hence I’m lending my voice through this medium that , Com. Kolawole Okedara, deserved to be honored for his great fit,  during the campaign cum electioneering periods.

_Legal Adviser,  Movement For Greater Nigeria (MFGN)

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