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Columnists - December 26, 2022

2022 CHRISTMAS is here, Let’s celebrate by POG

Never knew that we all will be alive and in good Faith to witness and celebrate this  2022 Yuletide because of the menace of the outgoing year.

The trials, the moments of Ogini na afio and the feat of internal terrors (UGM, BOKO HARAM, KNOWN TERRORS that Nab entire school and attack moving Train) then imported marauders from across our  borders.

The unprovoked murdering of our Dear relations and friends by merchants who said they will change our fortune and we build in our minds a progressive brand of it, while they meant in the proposal and in their mind and manifesto  the retrogressive brand.

We walk through the shadows of Death and swim at the Pool of desperation but here we are alive, struggling and  well with empty pockets and ,Austerity in things that help life but alive we are, even though we are living in Bondage with shackles twisted with FETTERS of Rusty Iron holding our limbs.

I say thank you to God for at least not punishing us for our gluttonial choice of Voting through the provisions made by our suppressors, which is called selling our Votes for peanuts ,and buyers drench us with extremely prejudice, even though they paid with our money taken at lower cadre for the Votes some of us sold back to them.

The trials of Bad Governance through the state to Presidency are no longer a worry as we have made peace with  decadence and we give garland for bad Governance to our operators or oppressors.

We glorify outright theft especially if the thief is tribally bigoted or Kinsman and or worship in same church or belong in same congregation with us, don’t forget that the religion we accepted and practicing are all imported from ROME, LONDON and ARAB by the original slave masters who refused to believe in any if the religion unless as product of mind game, yet we pray for Miracle and hoping that God will give approval to our checkered demand.

We hope on miracle whereas the creators of the Gene believe in hard work , creativity (The only creativity we have seen in our Brand of religion is how to add better ways to Extort money from congregation with promises that God will laden them , without letting them know that God said “I will bless the work of thine hand “and never the idiocy of your mind where we give as directed by our Con masters we call preachers who teach us to give ,not to society but to Church, so they will be growing and they shove us to go and ask God for our own blessings, as if the one God provide scares them .

Thanks for giving good Family to those who refused itube nshi Ugo (Cap Crown Shit/excrete) and allow divorce to those who believe in celebrating marriage as theatrics ,they are lining up divorce and scaring unmarried eligible, but I know many marriages are rock solid, as I am married for 24 solid years without any fisticuffs or shouting or even iko Chalu Obele onu (Yabbings or quarreling in small quarters) ,which I know if I can do it with my kind of character, many others are doing it better, but our girls with small mind ,sorry Mpa, I mean our girls who think that the only qualification for marriage is how many Sex styles they can give to a Man, as they have vacuum in their brain .

I thank my state Governor for also the theatrics of saying so many things and doing less which in local parlance ,we have a saying for such “Ana aghafusi okwu “(Useless ing Words or throwing away words as if it means nothing).

No thank you my Governor on the TAX hiking, an intro written at the table of Lucifer because we sold out again as a party told us na nkea nu nke fa ,same manipulation as done to us by APC when they promised to change us and we choose to believe na obu etua ka ife nracha si Ami (That’s how edible fruits grow on nothing ),the party originally was built around our late Sage Ikemba but now it is glaring that the new APGA have removed the head and memory of OJUKWU and replacing same with nke NNAMDI Azikiwe.

No thanks for the INSECURITY that is holding ANAMBRA to the ground and with knees on our necks as we kept shouting we can’t breathe and the Government is saying Onye nwua si tufue ,but thanks for the comic relief including giving contract to Road side BRICK layer to lay our road and after some weeks while the Brick layer was trying to understand the difference between laying of bricks and laying of asphalt, the Governor went to the place on Sunday which is Sabbath day ,knowing very well that most workers will be going for session with Trinity ,he visited the site and with the wireless Mic attached to his lapel, he announced for the Media audience that he have sacked the contractor, meaning there was no verification for the Contract firm and the Contractor is not Tested or have quotable jobs that established his legend in Tarring rough terrain, I wept and I said Anambara abagokwa Ugbo Ndi Ekperima again ,but moving on.

Well the Deputy Governor acting on scene 2 ,take one ,went to Army Check point at Amansea and ask them to remove the Road block ,which would’ve suffice if they have called the GOC who would’ve saved face and address whatever was the guilt that necessitated the action of the Deputy Governor. He should have done same without video theatrics, such video can work both ways.

As the child is born and yearly we mark his birthday on 25th December as set aside day, I pray that we find our ways back to the surplus grace he saved for our benefits which we discarded for frivolities.

Happy Christmas my friends, well wishers. how about those who despise me ? Because it is expected from us to wish them well. The new incoming year will be great for us. Courtesy demands we wish everybody well ,I say may courtesy wish evil people well as for me ,if you do not wish me well ,I wish you Thunder and lightning, I wish you the darkest of the doom, I refuse to wish you well ,since you choose to wish me Bad, I simply Standing on protocols of Ndi Egede to say, igwosia ineta nnu .

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Mkpisi Ndi Egede, Minority Opinion writer na South East, Anu ana agba Egbe ona arigo na aritu, Dibia Onu Ike adighi agbalu Ekperima afa, Special ADVISER to any Governor that love good Governance, Asi ka agbalu agbalu osi ka oburu nani ya,, Akua Aka egenti Ndi Egede, Voice of the Voiceless, Nwa Chukwu Ku na aka na onwu agaghi egbunwu ya.

Merry Christmas to those who wish me.

Merry Christmas and others should go to APC Office and get their own version.

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